We are grateful beyond words to all who helped fund The Egg Painting Compassion Project for the 2016-17 school year and to everyone who has contributed to this year's GoFundMe Campaign (please visit Our Supporters page).

Because of you, last year nearly 300 fourth graders were able to share their stories, create treasured works of art, and enlighten us with their messages to the world. 

Do you still have your egg?

Are you a former participant or parent or teacher or community member who has taken part in The Egg Painting Compassion Project in any way since its start in 1987? If so, please contact us and tell us about your experience. You may also leave a comment or story on our Facebook page (link below). Your input is invaluable.​​

Thank you for helping us

​keep this program alive!

​ The Egg Painting
Compassion Project

​A heartfelt thank you to all!