​ The Egg Painting
Compassion Project

Trina Gold, videographer supreme

Yvonne Moore, miracle worker behind the scenes

We Are Dedicated to Every Student

Participating in The Egg Painting Compassion Project

About Us

In 1987 Cathee developed The Egg Painting Compassion Project as a way to help children explore the world of fragility and caring. Since then she has given tools to thousands of elementary school children to help them access their unique genius and to cultivate mindfulness, empathy, and compassion through storytelling, egg painting, and writing poetry. 

​Veronica, artist extraordinare, has volunteered to help us with crowdfunding, networking, and assisting in the classroom whenever possible. Click on her photo or the link above to access her website.

Trina's gifts are her thoughtfulness and professionalism in video production at Big Water Studios, based on the shores of Lake Tahoe California. "It is our goal to get your voice heard, your message seen, across the ever changing landscape of the technical media world." Click on her photo or the link above to access her website.

Cathee vanRossem-St.Clair, "The Egg Lady"

​​Veronica Lichter, "The Walrus"

Greig St. Clair, "The Egg Man"

Yvonne, the best listener in the world, has been indispensable in brainstorming ways to help this program thrive and to keep us moving forward.

​Greig is literally the driving force behind this project. He transports and carries display cases for student egg exhibits, sets up those exhibits, and very carefully packs the students' masterpiece eggs into gift boxes and adds egg stands, personal poetry cards, and "Ways to Keep Your Egg Safe" into special bags for the children to take home. He is also quietly known as the best egg repairman ever.